Are We Becoming Numb to the Violence of Islam’s Radicals

The one major mistake everyone on either side of the Islamic refugee debate continues to make is using the term “radical” Islam.

Article by Bob Taylor

CHARLOTTE, NC, September 22, 2016 – Everything you need to know about just how wrong things are in the United States can be found in the September 21st online edition of “The Clarion Project.”

Begin with an op-ed article that appeared in the “New York Times” Tuesday after a weekend where four terror attacks took place across the United States along with racial protests in Charlotte, NC

Three mayors, Bill DeBlasio of New York, Sadiq Kahn from London and Anne Hidalgo in Paris, co-wrote a column in which they said, “Investing in the integration of refugees and immigrants is not only the right thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do. Refugees and other foreign-born residents bring needed skills and enhance the vitality and growth of local economies, and their presence has long benefited our three cities.”

Following that paragraph came another statement, “In our experience, militant violence is vanishingly rare.”

The sentence would have been ludicrous on its own merit, but more astounding was the fact that the three mayors never wrote it. Instead, the phrase was added by an editor from the “Times” who took it upon himself to add emphasis to the article.

Continue reading “The Clarion Project” from Wednesday, September 21, however and you get a summary of the “non-violent” things that took place recently in other countries.

In France, where there have been so many acts of terror in the past year, it is difficult to fathom that the mayor of Paris would issue any pro-immigration proclamation, a 29-year female jihadi was arrested when she left a car filled with gas canisters near Notre Dame Cathedral.

Ornella Gilligman was caught when a resident in the area became suspicious and notified police. Gilligan, who fled the scene after unsuccessfully attempting to set the car on fire, was apprehended because of her fingerprints in the car.

Upon arrival, law enforcement officials discovered a burning cigarette inside the vehicle next to three canisters filled with gas.  The woman, a mother of three children, later confessed that she had really planned to blow up the Eiffel Tower.

Three other women were also charged in the failed attack. Gilligan and Ines Madani, 19, were on terror watch lists. The other women were identified as Sarah Hervout, 23, and Amel Sakaou, 39.

Though the team consisted of four women, officials are calling them “lone wolves” which is the strategy of choice for now by ISIS.

Elsewhere, in Germany, a Syrian refugee was arrested in the town of Lohmar after neighbors reported seeing three children falling from a first floor window at a refugee center.

The children, ages one, three and seven, were tossed by their father one-by-one during a dispute with his wife. The wife said she no longer wanted to accept the roles they were living under at home and “did not want to put up with everything he wanted any more.”

The man had been banned from the center for 10 days because he smashed a saucepan in his wife’s face. Feeling sorry for him, the wife allowed him to return and that’s when the argument began.

The two older children suffered serious head injuries. The toddler was not seriously injured and later released.

Finally, just when you think the Islamic State cannot do anything more barbaric than they already have, they released a video clip of a blond boy, estimated to be eight years old, dressed in jihadi military garb walking around a cage filled with prisoners in orange jumpsuits awaiting execution.

The video is the third in a series titled “If You’ll Come Back, We’ll Come Back 3.”

Scene one depicts the child witnessing several beheadings before looking at the bodies while the executioner wraps his arm around the boy’s shoulders.

Next, six executioners hold large guns while standing  in front of six prisoners. Of the six killers, two appear to be approximately 12 years old. All of the prisoners are assassinated.

The last scene shows a young blond boy standing next to a jihadi to watch another beheading. Following that, the boy pulls a pistol from his vest and assists the executioner in shooting the prisoner.


With the US involved in its own terrorist attacks, an unpredictable presidential campaign and the weekly schedule of NFL games on Sunday, it is not surprising that little, if any, of this news reached American eyes and ears.

The frequency of such events has almost made us numb to the point that they feel more like video games than reality.

The one major mistake everyone on either side of the Islamic refugee debate continues to make is using the term “radical” Islam.

Once we admit that Islam is the culprit because it is, by definition, radical, we will be taking an important step toward seriously confronting the situation.

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