Is this proof that ghosts exist? University student captures chilling footage of his ‘haunted’ dorm room ‘possessed by the spirit of a former student’

Social media has gone into overdrive after a man posted chilling footage of his ‘haunted’ university dorm room, which he claims is possessed by the ghost of a former student.

(Article by Amie Gordon)

But his video has prompted some viewers to question its authenticity, with some sceptics claiming it is an elaborate hoax rather than a terrifying paranormal episode.


Chilling footage of this door appearing to open at random intervals has sent social media into overdrive


Uploaded by YouTube user Paddy C, the clip shows the student’s door mysteriously opening at random intervals

The footage appears to show his door opening of its own accord, and when he opens it to show what is inside, only the contents of the wardrobe can be seen.

Viewers can also hear knocking coming from inside the cupboard.

He claims his lodgings are haunted by a demon, however some have suggested the door is simply opening because of air pressure in the room.

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