WATCH: Demon Cast Out Of Teenage Girl During Exorcism

This is some next level exorcism shit man, so if you’re of a nervous disposition I suggest you don’t watch the following video.

(Article by George Pavlou)

Taken in San Rafael del Sur in Nicaragua, the news item shows an exorcism taking place, casting out a demon from a girl after playing with a ouija board goes badly wrong.

Check this…


According to the local news station, four teenagers were playing ‘Satanic games’ with the ouija board which in turn cursed the girl to become cursed.

An envoy from the Christian mission, ‘The Light of the World’, performed the ritual on the girl, 13-year-old Lucia Jimenez.

The priest shouts: “Rise, rise, rise, now, leave her, leave her. In the name of Jesus, leave her now, go outside. Tell him Jesus. Leave!”

The demon thankfully was supposedly exorcised.

Fucked up, this shit.

Words by George Pavlou

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