ISIS beheads two Syrian women accused of witchcraft

The terror group known as ISIS recently beheaded two women it accused of witchcraft, marking a grisly first such execution involving female Syrian civilians. The women were killed along with their husbands in a public execution that took place in Deir Ezzor province.

The victims of the barbaric execution were charged with “”witchcraft and sorcery,” according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights organization. The human rights group also says that although ISIS has executed women in the past, this is the first time that civilian women have been decapitated.

The beheading of hostages and other perceived enemies has become a trademark of ISIS and it appears that the practice now includes civilian females – a new low for these violent extremists.

But it’s certainly not the only instance of barbaric and murderous acts against women and civilians on the part of ISIS – the group has killed more than 3000 Syrians, more than half of which were civilians. 74 of them were children.

ISIS has beheaded female Kurdish fighters, it has stoned women to death who were accused of adultery, it has strung people up to crosses.

So, the beheading of the two Syrian women comes as no great surprise. ISIS proves once again that its members are capable of virtually any imaginable atrocity.