Hoo Ba Ba Kanda … The catchiest prophecy you’ll ever hear!

The remix artist POGO (aka Nick Bertke), who has done mixes for Pokemon and Spongebob Squarepants, among others, recently put his distinctive touch on the legendary televangelist Robert Tilton. And the results are spectacular.

Tilton, for those who did not watch television during his heyday in the 1990s, is the most mesmerizing preacher to ever gaze into a camera. He claims to be anointed with the ability to “prophesye,” and although I’m skeptical that he can really see into the future, I have no doubt that he thinks he can.

He also loves to speak in tongues, with “Hobah Shahtah” and “Tonda Basoya” being his all-time best utterances. However, POGO based his remix on a sample of Tilton’s speaking in tongues – something that sounds like “Hoo Ba Ba Kanda.”

The glorious results of POGO’s musical mixology prove that prophecy does not always have to be so serious. Sometimes it can just be fun.

So click on this link immediately and prepare to get your Hoo Ba Ba Kanda on!