How to communicate with the deceased

Most people mistakenly believe that once someone has died, they are gone forever. Not true. In fact, they are all around us — except they’ve just passed over to a different dimension.

No, there is no need to be afraid of them or to feel uneasy. After all, if you were the one who passed over, you wouldn’t want your loved ones who are still alive to feel afraid or uneasy, would you? You see, the deceased haven’t changed just because they passed to the other side; most of them still behave pretty much the same way they did when they were flesh and blood.

So if you wish to communicate with someone who has passed on, you don’t need to rely on a professional medium like John Edward or George Anderson. You can do it yourself! Here’s a method that ordinary people have used successfully to communicate with departed loved ones.

You will need a small candle, a good-sized mirror and a photo of the deceased and/or a personal item of theirs.

Step #1 – When you’re all alone, find a comfortable chair to sit in made of wood. (Do NOT use a metal chair for it interferes with your body’s natural vibrations.)

Step #2 – Dim all the lighting in the room you are in and turn off all distractions. (You want everything to be calm, quiet and peaceful.) Place a large mirror directly in front of you and tilt it slightly upwards. Now, light the candle and place it behind you somewhere in the room you’re in.

Step #3 – Spend a few moments quietly gazing at their photograph and thinking about the good times you spent with this person when they were alive.

Step #4 – When you are ready, start gazing into the mirror without trying to see anything in particular. As you do this, begin to call out the deceased’s name as if they were in the same room with you. Tell them that you wish to speak to them and ask them to give you some type of a sign to let you know they can hear you.

Step #5 – Relax and continue gazing in the mirror as you pay attention to everything around you. Watch for any movement of objects, feelings of being touched or a faint whisper of their voice. If you don’t get any response after a few minutes, try calling out his or her name again.

Step #6 – The mirror may seem to have a “cloudy” or darker appearance as you continue to gaze at it. After several minutes you may begin to see faint shadows or glimpses of images, so don’t be alarmed if this happens.

Whenever you get tired, or if you’ve haven’t made any contact, simply tell them goodby and that you will try to talk to them again soon. You might not be successful on the first few attempts, but if you take your time and give this a serious try, you’ll be astounded by the results.

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