Three tricks to stay calm during crisis

Is it possible to remain calm and collected, as much of what we have suspected and warned about over the last decade begins to unravel in-front of our eyes?  Long time preparation writer and founder of The Economic Collapse Blog, Michael Snyder, confidently thinks so.  What might you ask is the secret to his boldness?  Has Michael finally lost his mind? Or could he possibly be onto a golden nugget of wisdom, that could literally mean the difference between you making it or breaking down in the calamity to come!

First key to success: Preparation is spiritual, mental and emotional as much as it is physical.  Michael invests daily into a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, his Lord & Savior.
“My relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ gives my life meaning and purpose. He took the broken pieces of my life and turned them into a beautiful thing, and He can do the same for you.”

Second key to success: Focused & concerted physical preparation NOW
“I also strongly advocate physical preparation for the hard years that are coming.  My wife and I work very hard to store up food and supplies. The funny thing is that there are Christians out there that actually accuse me of being “anti-faith” for doing these things. Apparently they believe that we should all just sit around watching television while we wait for God to do everything for us.”

Third key to success:  Embrace the challenges ahead, you were born for it!
“Now is not the time to dig a hole and try to hide from the world. You were born for such a time as this. It is when times are the darkest that the greatest heroes are needed.  Personally, my wife and I believe that the greatest move of God the world has ever seen is coming, and we very much want to be part of it.”

Lastly, if we are to effectively reject all fear, depression and despair, we must intentionally endeavor to become people of great faith, great hope and great love. Remember, the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the next best time is today. Don’t be caught without established roots when the storm finally hits!