Dumb luck or divine providence: How God may have been responsible for stopping the Paris train shooting

We as Christians know that, though Satan has been given dominion over the earth, God will at times provide a helping hand to his children, especially when they need it most. Did God perform such an intervention, and provide divine providence to Spencer Stone and his friends as they took down the Paris train shooter? Lets delve into the unreported side of this story and find out!

In his first interview after healing up from his injuries, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone joined Jimmy Kimmel live to tell the details of his experience that day:

“I was asleep and had my head phones on, when suddenly I woke up and saw one of the train employee’s sprinting by me, toward the front of the train. I looked over to my left and saw Alex, and said to myself, they all look pretty scared, let me see whats going on.  I then took my head phones off, and I turn around and I see the guy, like something literally out of a movie scene, he’s cocking the AK-47, shirtless and has a backpack on.  This is when I said to myself, well he hasn’t started shooting yet, so I’m not going to die sitting down. I then sprinted over towards him, I was really, really surprised I even made it over to him, because I had heard him cock the AK and click it at me.  When I reached him, we tackled each other and I hit the ground with him. I was reaching for the gun but I couldn’t find it, so I just put him in a rear naked choke to protect myself.  At this point, Alex and Anthony were right behind me, and Alex ran up and grabbed the AK-47 from him and almost immediately he grabbed another hand gun, pointed it back at my head, and I heard a click, he had pulled the trigger but it didn’t work either.  God was with me on that one for sure.  Then Alex started hitting him with the AK, and yelling at him to stop, while I was continuing to hold him in a choke hold.  Then all of a sudden he began reaching back and making downward motions to my back and neck. That’s when I realized he was gripping a disposable box cutter blade and that he had severely cut me.  To get away from it I pushed him away, and then we as a group proceeded to incapacitate him with our fists.”

The things to note here are not only that the attacker came merely inches away from severing Spencer’s carotid artery, which would have caused him to expeditiously bleed out, but multiple rounds recovered after the brawl had indeed been hit with the firing pin of the weapons, but miraculously did not fire due to an extremely rare malfunction, that being that they contained bad primers.  They say there’s no atheists in fox holes, maybe this is a great example why!