End of Days? Christians in the US threatened with rape and being ‘burned alive’ for following religious beliefs as civil society collapses

Following her release from jail this week for refusing to compromise her faith and issue homosexuals marriage licenses, Kim Davis is now receiving intensely graphic threats of sexual assault and homicide by arson from what can only be described as militant homosexuals.  In an interview with Fox News, Kim Davis said “They told my husband they were going to burn us down while we slept in our home… He’s been told that he would be beaten up and tied up and made to watch them rape me. I have been told that gays should kill me.”

While giving a second for the sheer vile nature of these threats to sink in, is the irony lost that these brigands were motivated to threaten these hateful atrocious acts, while under the guise that Kim Davis was a hateful and atrocious person, for having the gall to stand up for her religious beliefs.  Logic doesn’t seem to be the strong suit for those intentionally and unintentionally following the new religion of militant homosexuality.

Good thing upstanding patriots like Stewart Rhodes, of the Oath Keepers organization, have stepped up to physically offer protection for Kim Davis, not just against shocking threats of terror against her and her family, but also against further attempts to illegally detain her for her stand on the sanctity of marriage.