What is the Shemitah? And why is everybody so worried about September events? Part 2: The end times

According to the prophecy detailed in Mark F. Hoffmeister’s prophetic book Fifteen Days in September That Will Change the World, Israel does not have as much geographic area as God wants it to have. He wants it to include all of Iraq, all of Syria, all of Jordan, all of Lebanon, about half of Saudi Arabia, and about a third of Egypt. (But not Iran.)

Its God’s plan for Israel to enact the “Samson Option,” named after the Biblical story of Samson, who intentionally killed himself in the process of killing his enemies (thereby inventing the concept of suicide bombing). The Samson Option, first articulated by Israeli leaders in the 1950s,[1] entails Israel using nuclear weapons to destroy those countries and take the land that God wants Israel to have, and thereby vanquish its neighboring enemies. Crucial events will take place in September 2015, leading to the deployment of the Samson Option.

According to Hoffmeister’s book, on September 11, 2015, the U.S. financial system will get hacked, bringing the economy to its knees. Two days later, when the September 13 solar eclipse occurs, the U.S. will be attacked with a nuclear weapon at the same location of the infamous 9-11 attack, and the One World Trade Center Tower will be destroyed. Then, when the final blood moon in the latest lunar tetrad appears on September 28, Israel will be attacked by a coalition of Arab nations, fronted by the fundamentalist arch-maniacs who call themselves the Islamic State, and who believe their leader to be the new caliph, the successor of Mohammed, according to the Sunni variety of Islam.

With U.S. power crippled by hacking and nuclear attacks, it will be too weak to come to Israel’s rescue. But fortunately, Israel has the Samson Option, which it will unleash to conquer the Arab states (and Islamic State), as specified by God. As for the already-stateless Palestinians, “there is going to be nothing left of them,” Hoffmeister notes of the conflict.[2]

Ironically, even after conquering all its neighbors (except Iran), Israel will be even less safe than before – because the rest of the world will be appalled by Israel nuking so many people. As a result, the United Nations will take away Israel’s weapons of mass destruction, leaving Israel vulnerable to attack.

The head of the Islamic State will turn out to be an impostor caliph, and the real caliph will reveal himself as Gog, of Old Testament fame, who will them rule the nation of Magog, which most contemporaries know as “Turkey.” By and by, Magog/Turkey will lead an anti-Israel coalition including Iran, Sudan, Libya, and parts of Algeria and Tunisia.

At that point, only God will be able to save Israel, so the Jews will have no choice but to finally accept Jesus Christ as the true Messiah. And He will oblige by giving Israel His undivided attention for the first time ever. (In the past, He has helped Israel take over land and win wars, but He has also stood by and allowed Israel to get attacked by terrorists, and also let Israel be tricked by the U.S. government into giving up land that God says belongs to his chosen people.)

God will intervene with the worst earthquake the world has ever seen, because, as Hoffmeister notes, “the Lord does not use bombs or modern weapons to accomplish his purposes.” The earthquake will cause fire and brimstone to rain from the sky and slaughter Gog’s armies, while protecting Israel from harm. Meanwhile, Christians will be raptured to Heaven. At that point, the Antichrist will emerge from his hiding place in Iran. He will be the 12th Imam, the successor of Mohammed, according to the Shia variety of Islam.[2]

Everything after that is standard apocalyptic Biblical boilerplate. The Antichrist will convince Israel that he is the Messiah and deceive them into signing some sort of peace plan. Then he will immediately unleash a seven-year reign of terror, after which the real Messiah will make His long-awaited return, and Armageddon will commence. The Antichrist will be defeated (even though he might have a nuclear bomb by then, thanks to John Kerry), and raptured Christians plus exactly 144,000 converted Jews will be forever with the Lord.

Will these events really happen in September 2015?

Seventy-seven percent of U.S. evangelicals believe we are living in the End Times, as do 40 percent of all Americans. Considering those statistics, it’s no wonder that so many people are worried about September 2015.[3]

Billy Graham – widely trusted as “America’s Preacher” and the “Preacher to the Presidents” – concurs with public opinion. “There’s a great deal to say in the Bible about the signs we’re to watch for and when these signs all converge at one place we can be sure that we’re close to the end of the age,” wrote Reverend Graham in an email WND.com. “And those signs, in my judgment, are converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.”[4]


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