Three days after Health Ranger goes public with vivid dream of an explosion on a Christian campus island, a horrific bomb rips through a sacred Hindu shrine courtyard in Thailand

Events are really starting to freak me out. As Natural News readers know, three days ago I awoke with a vivid, intense dream that depicted a Christian church campus being ripped apart by a violent explosion taking place on an island. I publicly wrote about the intense dream in this article, sharing specific details I saw in the dream such as the number 611 in relation to the victims of the explosion. I even described a “courtyard” and other vivid details from the dream.

Today I awoke to the news that a massive explosion has ripped through a Hindu shrine in Thailand, having been set off in the 6th hour (6:55pm) and killing exactly 11 tourists from other countries. (SOURCE)

First off, my prayers go out to all the innocent victims of this horrible, violent crime. That the bomb targeted peaceful worshippers gathered around a shrine makes it doubly horrific… and downright evil. There are no words to express the grief and horror of these events. All we can do is pray for the victims and seek justice against the perpetrators.

At the same time, I find myself asking the question, “Was some hazy reflection of this event what appeared in my dream three days ago?”

In my vivid dream, published days before the Thailand bombing, I saw the numbers “611” quite vividly, writing, “The number ‘611’ appears in the dream during talk about the victims of the explosion.”

Note the time in the following video that captured the explosion: 18:55 (6:55pm). This is the 6th hour of the evening, and there were 11 tourists killed in the explosion.

Furthermore, the Brahman statue that was destroyed in the blast was originally put in place in the year 2006 at 11:39 am. Over and over again, the numbers “6” and “11” keep emerging in relation to this Hindu shrine and its history.

From my dream: “…nice courtyards, stonework buildings with high ceilings and elaborate woodwork…”

Although a lot of the details from my dream are very different from what happened in this explosion, many of them are eerily similar. As I wrote days ago, “Suddenly I’m transported onto the island that was destroyed, and I find myself in a destroyed church campus. There are lots of panicked people running around, and they can’t reach the outside world to let their loved ones know they’re okay… [T]he campus is a multi-building arrangement with nice courtyards, stonework buildings with high ceilings and elaborate woodwork. It looks like something built long ago by skilled craftsmen.”

Here’s a picture of the Erawan Shrine before the explosion. Notice the elaborate woodwork, multi-building arrangement, nice courtyard, stone / concrete buildings and elaborate work from skilled craftsmen rebuilding ancient artwork:

When I saw the following image from after the shrine blast, the stone-like concrete construction looked all too familiar:

In my dream, the explosion took place on a “Greek island.” Symbols are translated in strange ways in dreams, but it didn’t take me long to realize that the country name of “Thailand” is pronounced just like “Island” with a “T” in front.

Thailand is not an island, of course. It’s part of a peninsula with its own ocean coastline:

Also from my dream experienced several days ago, I wrote, “A government agent had swept through the area, confiscating everybody’s cell phones and hiding them in another location to make sure no one could access them.”

Today, reported by CNN:

Maj. Gen. Sirwara Rangsribhramnakul said security was subsequently tightened throughout the city. Asked how many security forces had been deployed, he replied, “As much as we have…” “Our (explosives) team is still working at the site, and we will close down the traffic around the area until noon tomorrow.”

Also from my dream vision, I wrote, “I do not know these people, but I am trying to help them nonetheless. They are good people who have somehow been caught in the blast, yet I do not see any injuries among them. In other words, the buildings and infrastructure are partially destroyed by the blast, but miraculously no one is hurt. There isn’t any blood, no injuries and no apparent victims anywhere around me. It’s obvious that someone was hurt somewhere, but it’s not here.”

Today from CNN:

The blast didn’t cause immediate, rampant panic, as some bystanders were milling around peacefully and a family apparently unaware of the explosion was enjoying a meal at a nearby McDonald’s, freelance journalist Adam Ramsey said.

Sheer coincidence?

Some readers might say my dream and this event are “sheer coincidence.” But what are the odds that I would experience an intense, vivid dream of a massive explosion involving a Christian campus and courtyard just three days before an explosion rips through a Hindu shrine courtyard?

Those odds seem pretty rare. Especially considering this: How often do I post my personal dreams to the internet? Only once. That time was three days ago, and to the best of my memory, it is the only time I’ve ever publicly posted details of an intense, personal dream. This isn’t something I do routinely.

Something about the dream was so vivid and urgent that I felt strangely compelled to share it publicly, even including seemingly random details like the number “611.” There was a desperation in it, as if people urgently needed help. That’s what compelled me to post it, even at the risk of being ridiculed for doing so.

I think we are all connected

The upshot of all this? My belief is that all conscious beings are connected. I think that if we really tune into the world around us, we are capable of receiving valuable information via intuition and perhaps, for some people some of the time, even premonition.

I believe that many mothers have a truly psychic connection to the emotional states of their children, and I think that this connection, just like quantum mechanics, is not limited by geographic distance or physical obstacles.

I believe there’s more to our existence than the mere physical, and I believe that consciousness is far more than just the biochemical construct of a deterministic, biological brain. I think that conscious beings are capable of much more than we’ve been told, and if we could tap into that something on a global scale, we just might awaken humanity enough to end the senseless violence and live among each other with a sense of mutual peace and harmony.

Do you share any of these beliefs? If so, I urge you to pay attention to your dreams and your intuition. You just might be tuning in to something important… perhaps even something that could change your life or help save the lives of others.

Above all, please join me in praying for the victims of the tragic bombing that has just taken place in Thailand. Even though they were Hindu, you can pray for them in any religion, by the way. Love is universal.